Actually, I'm kinda surprised she knows how to write!

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It's one thing to like a pol because you think s/he is a nice person, would make a good next door neighbor, even a good head of the PTA. But to be the Chief Executive of the USA -- maybe, just maybe, we need someone who has SOME idea of what the hell is going on in the economy, in foreign affairs in science etc. etc. etc.

The issue might be that someone who is the executive of a country has to write on her hand things that should form the absolute core of her belief system. unless of course she is just an opportunist. The corollary would be the Pope looking at his Hand.....Anti abortion!!!!Hate the devil!!!!! Pint of milk, corn flakes OH **** wrong hand.....<br />
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I mean get a grip, if the prospective president needs to remind herself OF THE ABSOLUTE CORE ISSUES then good night america. Please chinese come and save us. The issue is that she is simply an opportunist. She is the America's Got Talent political pick. Except she has no talent. Even the tea baggers now see that. She is backing McCain ...again...even though they disagree on everything. That is everything on her left hand........

She's a goofball, but to call her out specifically - that's sort of redundant. I mean what kind of person would take issue with this? How much of a void does it take to suck something like this in?

Really who gives a Sh*t? It is very obvious that presidents in the last fifty years are much like the rest of us. We are human right? I got to hand it to the women to want to run for president when she claims she is not perfect she is just normal. But on the flip side do I really want some one who claims to be normal? Maybe not.

It's that "writey, spelley, grammery thing" that'll getcha everytime!

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good one Sara! :-)