man, i was so hurt tonight. my best friend my sister. she hurt me in fornt of our friends. it was like she thought she could be victorious in all her drunkem stupor.  All she found was me..hurt..because I couldnt do that to my friends or at least my sisters.  It's funny because your family or your loved one is the one you can be the most hatelful too..never strangers... Why is that do you think?.. Why do you think I cant hurt my people..but they can hurt me?.. i Wish I could know why I have so much compassion?

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When one of my family members pulled a "no, no", on me, I put them on the "Silence List" and never made contact with them until they contacted me and apologized. I knew they needed me more than they needed themselves.<br />
<br />
Occasionally, they would call and ask, "Why are you mad it me, I haven't heard from you".<br />
Well, Duh! I would say: "No, I'm not angry with you, I am just disappointed with you for what you said or had done". "If you don't care to apologize, I have things to do and I must hang up, Good bye!"

Hey dear, maybe there's problem between you and her please try to investigate before she hurts even in your office, i hope you know what i mean. Go ahead talk to her and ask her what could be the prob. <br />