What Were They Thinking

what were the nobel people thinking when they gave obama the nobel peace prize .

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

It's probably the most glaring evidence that he is, in fact, the first elected "manchurian candidate": i.e, that his entire presidency was bankrolled by idealogically-blindsided but very well-connected and very well-organizied network of socialists (though many deny that term and probably don't even understand what that term means; they prefer "left-wing Democrat"). Basically he was given the Nobel Prize as a political trophy for being their boy and playing ball. He was given the prize for what he represented to them (or what they wanted him to represent) - not for anything he'd actually achieved... just look at the date when I was awared it (relative to how long he'd been on the job).<br />
And one more thing (before the deceived like goldie25 start ripping away at me): for a guy who's been given the PEACE prize, he sure has left a lot of people in his wake fighting each other, hasn't he? Beyond any doubt "class warfare" is his ACTUAL legacy at this point, as he approaches his bid for re-election.

They were thinking that they hope he can reach out to ignorant people like you one day and change your narrowminded thinking! You sound like a racist pig to me. Get over it. he is your president. he is helping people already more in a year than a lot of presidents did in thier whole four year term. he gave us tax credits, helped people who are unemployed and in school, helped home owners. he has helped with medical coverage. a lot of things are works in progress but at least there is progress. <br />
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In a country where people 40 years ago couldnt even sit next to each other on the bus, he has overcome all the sterotypes and closed doors to show the youth that you can do anything you set your mind to, to say **** the naysayers and disbelievers. he deserves the noble peace prize and ten more for showing that you can beat people by your strength courage and intellegence, not just your hands. <br />
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You suck poster, you really should re-evalute yourself and where your head is at. if you were looking for attention, you got it, but definitely the wrong kind

Damn...you have been fooled so easily and are easy to assume anyone who dislikes obama is racist and bring up the story of racism.

Nobody cares if his black his a crappy president and you can't see it. WAKE UP HE IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY OR GOOD.