Inedible Restaurant Food

I was coming home from school today and i felt hungry so i decided to browse some jamaican restaurants. I finally went to one as a last resort, but by then i was telling myself that there's food at home. I however made employer convince me to buy and let it look like they were giving me a special offer.

I took the food home, thinking how i wasted my money, and hoping the food is worth it. It was curry and i had a bad feeling about it(Curry is something you dont go around eating from anybody). I put in a movie as i got home and started to eat. The curry was almost white! (Its suppose to be yellow). Anyway i started eating and i felt like i could gag. I still kept on eating for another 10 seconds before i had to give up and throw away the whole food.

The rice was partially cooked and the curried chicken...i wouldnt bother to explain. I am soooo pissed at myself right now for wasting my time and money. It's restaurants like these make jamaican food look bad. I could have done a much better job. What hurts me is that they think they were doing me a favor! I'm they one giving them a favor by buying their inedible food and giving them maybe their first sale for the day. Bowel movement coming up because of the food (lolz), so see you guys another time. jamaican food is good people, just hope you buy it from a good, clean restaurant.
ordinarygirl18 ordinarygirl18
18-21, F
Oct 13, 2010