You Are Kidding!

We have seen the bushfires in Victoria! ,The Flooding in Queensland, and the drought in South Australia! Now, Something else has come up!

What's left?



Can you believe it? ...Two earthquakes in three days!

Maybe we should close Victoria down for Safety's Sake!!


What else can happen to this "humble " state?

mzdivine mzdivine
4 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Flooding here in South Australia is a HUGE possibility!

And now the flooding is in Victoria where the bushfires were. What next???

thankyou,friend!!!....I Agree

I have this gut feeling that in the shorter stretch of the long run, it really won't matter much where one resides. Grandmother Time is a highly efficient equalizer and lawdy knows her cousins Mama Karma and Mother Earth mince neither words nor dancing steps. That said, methinks 'IT' as they say, is only a matter of time and eventually everyone with a heartbeat will be able to rightfully say that they've 'seen it all'.