My In-laws And Friends Wanted Me To Fail.

what makes grown people become so vendictive and satanic? why did mary abuse me as a little girl? she never liked me and treated me badly.then my other aunty did the same getting her abusive husband to sexually assault me when I was 20...i can't believe my eyes were so blinded to what they are. i trusted them and they let me down. before that was bill sexually abusing me and my older cousins.

they are all **** people. what gives louise, elizabeth or heather or any of those stuck up ******* the right to **** up my education.
they are just brats.

and how do they get away with satanic acts?

they are a pack of dogs and john is right the women in mums family are a bunch of transvestites.

lilharajuku lilharajuku
36-40, F
Jul 21, 2010