Women Get a Grip

I've spent a lot of time reading some of the stories and confessions found on this site. I find it unbelievable how many young girls and women so desperately want to get back with some jerk that dumped them. Come on girls, what are you thinking? Why would anyone want someone back that dumped them. Are you really that insecure?

It's my belief that you should get even. Make them suffer, make them cry, make them beg. Then sit back and use them for your amusement. You have no idea how willing men are to drop to their knees and kiss our a**'s.

We all know what part of their body they use to think with.. Take control of it and they become like putty in your hands. You can then bend, break or mold them into whatever or whomever you want.

They all have this macho attitude but it does them little good when confronted with the POWER OF A WOMAN.


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Woman are so very superior and should own men as there property and slaves
The day woman rule the world the better for all

Woman are the superior sex and should be obeyed

I think that Women Need to not only Take Control, but to actually Feminize the Males in their Lives. Get Rid of the Macho Egotistical Bullshit, and Create Pretty and Sweetly Docile Males that will respect Women and no longer inflict violence on Women and Society. Wouldn't that make a Better world?

dirk,I've heard that a few times in My life... lol

miss pris, I know u have a total understanding of a Woman's unseen power..

You're quite a woman!

Oh My God! MistressD, I bow to you Goddess! It's like you know me better than I know myself! You are sooo intelligent! Yes, alot of women don't realize the power they have. I wish they all knew their incredible power AND USED IT! What a wonderful place this world would be if this were true! I don't believe in all that macho egotistical thing most "men" believe in, I can't, not if I want to be happy! Happiness is submitting totally to a woman and putting her needs first, only then can I be happy! My Mistress keeps me in my place and I am sooo lucky to have her! (curtsy) MistressD

And I Hope she is Keeping you Skirted and Feminized...That is What we Males Need!

It sounds like a good plan to me.... Make him suffer!!! lol...

I've returned from a six month retreat and getting caught up with comments to My stories here on EP.<br />
slavetoby and esclava007's comments are well received.. And, yes, Golddiggergal, I do know how the world works... Thanks for the comments... Mistress D

Yes i am certainally paying attention. And it is to bad that so many men are ********. All women should be treated as the goddess's they are and i for one have always treated them as such. The question that always bothered me was if a women sleeps with 200 guys she is a ****, but if a guy does it he is a stud. I can not understand. Please explain it

Bravo! Here is a lady that understands how the world works. Men, are you paying attention? <br />
<br />
Dee xxoo

lol you might have potential sturmbringener at least you have a basic understanding.

You are SO COOL MistressD . . . may I worship you ? . . . you are ALL . . . I am nothing . . .

hey - that's supposed to be a secret!

First of all I have to be honest I am one of those women that has been depressed about my ex and I feel so stupid!!! I do see your point though and it reminds me of something my grandmother used to say. She used to say the more you treat a man like **** the more they like it and respect you and kiss your butt too!! You know I think she had a good point. If you come across as needy or desperate a man will try to control your every move! I knew a guy once who was a control freak and he frowned on women that were independent. He thought they were ******* but the truth is he couldn't handle a woman like that because he knew he couldn't call all the shots!