Star Encounters

I used to live in a very small town in a western state in the U.S.  Star and celeb encounters just didn't happen.  I moved a few years ago to NYC and have had several star interactions.  The first time that I and met Jack Klugman was impressive to me.  He was such an unattainable person - as I grew up watching the Odd Couple.  After I saw him and had a minor conversation, I was never star struck again.

I am curious about your first encounter with a star.

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2 Responses Mar 21, 2009

I met John Wayne when he came to Adelaide,many years <br />
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Anyone who is into Christian music, may have heard of 'God'stock, hosted in town to be exact :) Several christian bands come and play all day long. i've had the pleasure of meeting, and getting autographs, of several of these big name christian artists. A lot of them were pretty cool. Course...that's been several years ago. We still host the event, i just don't go anymore lol <br />
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I also grew up with the drummer of Day of Fire (Zach Simms) so that's pretty cool...not someone famous i've met, but already knew :)