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I went to bed yesterday afternoon about 5pm, I was planning on getting up at 7pm to watch X factor. Anyway I must have been enjoying my "nap" because I only woke up an hour ago - at 5am!! WTF! I have been asleep for about 12hours and I didn't think I was even that tired, guess I needed it!!

AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 2 Responses Sep 6, 2008

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Very true Danda! I hate that I never get enough sleep, I always have plenty of meds though :)

I know but I planned to do so much - plus I wanted to have a lie in this morning but thought that would just be greedy seeing as I already had 12hrs lol! I never get enough sleep either Danda so this has been heaven for me, although it did mean I didn't take my meds last night OOPS!