Burp+me=no Way.

Ever since I was little, I realized that I didn't know how to burp. I hardly ever burp and when I do (which is once a month MAYBE) it's too quiet to even notice.  I talked to my grandfather about this one day and he said that I inherited it from him!! Crazy!! Is there anyone else out there who can't burp?? I feel like a freak or something!!

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I recommended no straws to my gal (fem6465) and she avoids carbonation or stirs carbonated beverages first to break down the bubbles. Also, I always take the first sip of her carbonated beverages ("the boyfriend tax"!) because that has the most bubbles. I give her the last sip of my beverage after it has gone flat. And she loves me for it!

I try to avoid anything that involves taking in excess air. If I drink a carbonated beverage, I feel awful unless I'm able to lie down or "burp" myself (fingers down throat) after. The woman I worked with who has the same problem said she avoids drinking through straws, and when my grandmother had painful gas after a surgery, her doctor told her to avoid straws, too.

I have the same noise. I call them my 'whale song'. Actually it was my daughter who started calling the noises that. There is actually a name for this condition. It has something to do with an ineffective burp reflex. I, too, have to be to the point of almost gagging but now I know to let the feeling go and relax through it. I now have come up with some burps that could shake the drapes! <br />
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Another issue with the pent up air in the esophagus is, yes, the embarassing noises in public. I have had people ask me if I am o.k. and I just have to tell them, 'Yes, it's just my overactive esophagus."<br />
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Also, I did see a GI doc and got a full endoscopy to see, once and for all, if there was something that could be done to help me. He said that it was just something I would have to live with. I explained to him how it was most prominent when I laid on my left side. If I changed over to my right side it stops completely but then stomack acid tends to come up. If you look on the medical websites about defective burp reflex you will see many, many people who say the same things.<br />
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So, we are not alone! I hope that you,too can find a way like I have to get some 'bodacious' burps out of you. I find the very best 'therapy' for me is to have my boyfriend massage my belly after eating meals or drinking beer or anything else that is carbonated. He actually suggested that I stir any carbonated drinks to get the bubbles out. That helps too!<br />
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Good luck to all out there who long to 'cause the drapes to flap in the breeze of your burps!"

Yeah, I totally hate the noises that emanate from my throat, too.

I can't burp, too. If I don't engage my gag reflex by sticking my fingers down my throat to encourage the release of gas, I feel very nauseous. I can also forcefully cough up the gas, but it sounds just as bad. When I was a kid, I used to think I was going to vomit, and everyone around me thought the same, but only gas would come out. Once, when I was out and chugging down beers, I felt like barfing, so I went to the ladies' room and yakked foam. I've physically met only two other people (both women) who can't burp, either. I worked with one, and the other I met while in a public restroom--she was in the only other stall, and it sounded like she was puking, so I asked her if she was okay, and she told me exactly the same thing I would've said in the same situation. I've read that there isn't even a name for this whatever this is.

Hello Shorty! <br />
Wow not too many people with this problem I guess LOL. I cannot burp either. It's so embarassing being in a quiet room and having my throat making funny noises! I too burp every once in a while on accident. Sometimes its so painful, like the throat feeling up with air bubbles. I sure do LOVE my soda though but definitely pay for it! Glad to see more people have this same problem. :)

i've never met anyone else...<br />
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but i hate it. it's so annoying.

hi there shorty i have the same problem, i have only burped a hand full of times, i find myself sticking my fingers down my throat to release the gas, i find fizzy drinks and spicy food make it worse, i have never felt like seeing a doctor for this problem as i have lived with it for so long, i supose i should really see my GP just incase there is a problem, i seem to be the only one in my family that cant burp so dont think its really inherited, you arent a freek there are lots of people that cant burp, my friends use to think i had a eating disorder till i told them i cant burp and find sticking my fingers down my throat helps, they didnt believe me till one day i was in so much pain i couldnt move and stuck my fingers down my throat infront of them and they saw it for themself, you might think you are the only one that cant burp but honestly there are alot of people like us.