I Want Cheap Bras Too D* It!

I should be able to walk into a Wally World (Wal-Mart) or Target or other such store and buy a $10 cute bra.  I don't care if no one but me will see it, I want one with a cute design on it. I saw one the other day with a sort of comic book pattern on it, but did it come in a 32-D? Heck No! I have a whopping three bras that fit me: white, beige and black. All of them as plain as can be. I have several 34-C ones from before I figured out my right size. It's so obvious that they don't fit me, but hey at least Wal-Mart carries those. I got two of my 32-D bras at a Hanes outlet store. I forget where the beige one came from.
Don't tell me to go to Victoria's Secret. I've been there. They had like, three bras in my size. NONE of them fit me properly. My boobs aren't as low down as VS seems to think they should be, and they barely covered me. I don't want to suffer a nip slip, even under my shirts.
Don't tell me to try ebay. Measurements and sizes are NOTHING if not tried on in person. That's just not possible on ebay or online.
Don't tell me to go to Frederick's of Hollywood. There isn't one here. A mall in another state that I go to sometimes used to have one. It looked like s**t shop to me. I don't want to get laid with it, I just want a cute bra for myself.

Another irriating thing is that even though I'm a D cup, my boobs don't look that big to me. I guess it's because I still have deep in my subcontious that I'm still the 36-B I thought I was when I first started wearing bras. I still see myself with the same mindset as when I thought I was a B.

Hmm, apparently Katy Perry is a 32-D as well. To me, my boobs don't look THAT big, but my bras fit, so...
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I wonder if I'm actually a 32 D too

@ buster103 - If we were to go braless, by the time we're middle-aged, our boobs would be down to our navel. Geez. Why do we have to explain that to other people? Speaking of clothing... why don't men stop wearing baggy, sagging pants and those ricidulous "board shorts" for swim trunks; we can't see your handsome male physique, much less your torso, thighs, *** or any other individual part!!<br />
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For the ladies, I've found some pretty bras in larger sizes online at places like Amazon, Herroom and others. Just try putting in your bra size and the word "bra" in the search box on Google or other search engine.

1.) My GRANDPARENTS do not need to see my nipples, nor anyone else.<br />
2.) You still think bras cause cancer? That has been proven false, look it up.<br />
3.) What your wife does or doesn't do with with her boobs is her business and her's alone.<br />
4.) I'm not trying to attract anyone, bra or no. Well fitting bras, and bras in general are more comfy than goin' free-style.<br />
5.) No I do not sunbathe topless. I don't sunbathe at all and I have no desire to get arrested thank you very much.<br />
<br />
I am quite in touch. I am decent and modest. I have no desire to lose my inhibitions around my family.<br />
<br />
You say you aren't a perv, and yet you feel the need to point out that you are "well endowed" and send me your email. Uh huh. Right.

A bra won't cover your nipples any more than any other article of clothing, such as an undershirt. If you want to hide your nipples, there are other articles of clothing that can do that.

The correlation between bras and cancer is in dispute, and has been for over 60 years. There are studies that shows that wearing a bra (24/7 even!) lowers the risk of breast cancer, there are studies that say it doesn't make any difference, and there are studies that show that it raises the risk. Nonetheless, a bra that is too tight and squeezes things uncomfortably, is too small and pushes part of the breast (semi-permanently) under the arm (had that one), or an underwire that pokes in uncomfortably cannot be the best for one's overall health.

At the same time, neither can it be for a well-endowed woman who is moving up and down, feels her breasts uncomfortably pulling or pushing (e.g., bumpy ride in a car or roller coaster). Cancer or not, a very supportive bra improves quality of life at times like those!

Why bother wearing a bra?<br />
You seem think that bra-less woman are automatically going to attract men!<br />
My wife never wears a bra except for work and she is 38d cup.<br />
If men see your nipples (or the fact that you are bra-less) so what???<br />
Apart from what I think, is a lack of self-confidence, on your part ( no offence intended), it is a fact that wearing a bra for any more than 10 hours a day, can escalate the chances of breast cancer!<br />
The same applies to men who wear tight undepants ( increases the chance of testicular cancer).<br />
Both of these conditions are caused by the restriction of blood.<br />
Fact!<br />
So enjoy your breasts; wear a bra when you have to. But don't think of all men being pervs.<br />
If I was a woman, I would take it as a compliment!<br />
I am not boasting. But I am "quite well endowed".<br />
Please don't tell me that women do not "sneak a peek" at a man's bulge?<br />
Double standards I think!<br />
Let your boobs run free - and stop worrying about your bra size!<br />
Do you ever sunbathe topless?<br />
Try it! Then you might lose your 2inhibitions".<br />
I really don't want to sound unkind, I mean that.<br />
As someone said: " You will certainly die - Whether you live, is up to you! "<br />
Get in touch<br />
Kevin<br />