Big Boobs

It isnt fair. Just because women should be burdened wih these big boobs doesnt mean that the fashion industry shouldnt make us cute bras, sure it uses more material but hey it makes them look better.

I remember how scared i used to get (big breasts run in my family) My mum would tell me, oh you know when you are running the hurdles you are going to smash your self in the face and get knocked out by your boobs when you get older. And that my boobs would get in the way of knees when i was doing long jump. For this, I quit Athletics all together. :D


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There's more sexy stylish bras in larger sizes than small, most of the larger ones are thin sexy, silky and lacy see through and skimpy and supportive.
Look at most of the small sizes in most stores and there all thick horrible padded ones that all look the same and look and feel horrible.
Saying that marks and spencer have a massive range of sexy and stylish bras, so have debenhams and a couple of other big stores also have a good range of sexy stylish bras.
Let me know if you need any help choosing somthing!

Check out the brands: fantasie, Freya, elomi, panache, charnos,camille, and playtex and more when I rememver

How big are your boobs? I hope that they are not causing you any trouble other than bouncing too much when you run.

Imagine the surprise of ending up with large breasts when no one else in the family has them (and therefore have no advice or empathy, just telling you to basically "hide" them). Ugh.<br />
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You're lucky with the selection out now. Imagine how ugly and utilitarian they were 30 years ago; they looked like major engineering projects and none were remotely pretty or sexy.

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There is a web site called Fasion Incubator where solutions are posted. Some make their own bras, others give tips on preventing underwire from piercing the arm pit, etc<br />
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This post may help <br />
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Just be careful for the picuture is an MRI of huge boobs. Kinda shows what the fasion and bra markest are up against (no pun intended) You may also finds some leads. to help with co$t and alterations. <br />
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Hi Gals:<br />
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I hear you, for an interesting bra-SOS web-page on the subject, go to<br />
<br />
I discovered the bra-guru she mentioned who made her bras in the States, and have the contact information if anyone wants it, changed my outlook on bras. It is not provided in the text for obvious reasons Best to all!

Hi ladies I want to say that even though I cross-dress and when I am at home I wear a G bust and when I am out cycling or doing what ever I wear a size that is as large as I figure I can get away with with out being obvious. I do not know whether you ladies have tried the world over for bras or are just using what is made in the US. Ther are companies lie BRAVISSIMO that make nice bras for very large size busts in all styles. There are other companies in Europe that you might want to try. I hope this helps. Take Care Samantha

It's amazing how many women are wearing the WRONG bra size. They go to Walmart and figure they can squeeze into a DDD. I was a bit surprised to find myself in a higher letter than a D (I'll NEVER divulge....) but my tata's look GREAT in sweaters now. Go to a real lingerie shop, not Victoria's secret. Get a fitting. Look at the Fantasie line. They're expensive as hell, mine run about $80 each, but they don't have 15 hooks in the back, just three, and yes, they're underwires, but what a difference. My big-breasted friends look like they're wearing a meatloaf in the crappy bras they buy. And NEVER put them in the dryer.

This is the best breast product I have found girls<br />
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Dr Howard's Orginal Boob Butter

I agree with you 100%. But with my boobs as big as they are, a nice bra would cost $400-500 XD<br />
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And as for what Celainn said, I don't think I could go braless all the time, they do give me suppprt and they stop my boobs from hitting me in the face if I run =P

rock on Celainn! I completely agree, I feel so restricted when I wear a bra, I love being freee

To those of you suggesting Fredericks, VS, etc. ... those stores don't even carry the size I need. I suspect it's the same for the 3 of us who've written stories in this group. <br />
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As for nicer department stores - it's a rare ocassion to find my size there and Ebay ... ugh. That's a crapshoot.