C32 just dose not exist TT^TT
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Sad to say but I am the exact size, I am a 32C and its extremely hard to find except at like walmart and certain places you can find it in very few brands

I know i'm a guy but, logically wouldn't you just move to D's?

No my band size is really rare for c cups

I have no idea what band size means. Maybe try google? I know it might be a little annoying but, comfort, i would say, is worth it.

Band size is the width of your ribs

Ok, well get an elastic banded one?

They don't make those

Tie an elastic band to the ends? I'm working off of imagination.

That's not how a bra works how old are you

I'm 14. And i've never "worked" with one, so i'm just trying to imagine it. (The bra itself)

But do you have a sister

Not that lives anywhere near me.

Go to google child

Why don't you then?

Cuz I don't need to

You never know, google has a lot of stuff on it.

I don't need stuff on it

It's almost as if you don't want help. (Even though i'm a guy and i'm about as useful on this subject as a sack of potatoes)

I didn't ask for any

Well posting something like this is bound for people trying to help, even though thats not what you were seeking.

I'm 13 and as surprising as it is I'm a 32 C I've been measured by professionals too
It shocked me

We didn't add anything it was exactly 32

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