I have only had one username here on EP and that one is staying for good, I truly like it. However, my avatar changes frequently according to my moods , and I have been known to have many moods in one day, so, even though it is the same old me everyday my reflections on past or current experiences are easily observed in my avatars.

So, I may not be able change my Past , but my Future and my Avatars, Hell , Yeah !!!

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9 Responses Jan 22, 2010

I love to change my avatar! There are just so many great pics out there to express yourself with, why wouldn't you?


I never, ever change my avatar.

Thank you... I think :-)

Mmmm, Beaujolais Nouveau....

I have fun just looking for new avatars.

It may sound weird, but I was thinking the avatars here needed some recognition. That maybe they were a bigger part of EP than most (including myself) even realized.

I love the way your avatars change to fit your moods and stories. :-) They are always so clever.

The Little Prince was my favorite book for the longest time.