Hoping For The Best Waiting For The Worst

I went to an engineering college and was okay in my studies. From the very first day, I knew engineering was not what I wanted to do. I passed out with low marks . I can never become one of the best in the country. Then I wanted to become a guitarist. But there was no magic in my guitar. I knew from my birth that I was just an average person, and I couldn't discover any talent in me. There are a lot of things I can't do but there are some things I can. I can play cricket but I will never be able to go beyond state leval

I tried around 12 to 15 things when I was studying engineering; it was a kind of soul searching. Finally, I found that iam a usless guy.i dont have too friends.I feel alonness in my life.i fell love with one girl but that girl cheated me.My life is like that hoping for the best waiting for the worst
Anurag12345 Anurag12345
26-30, M
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hai thank u very much

You can do anything, your heart desires, trust me. I have been throught alot lately. I was raped at an early age, I overcame that. I am a happy go lucky man, with noone tolove me, but the dogs I raise. I have a home with 9 rooms, and a large yard, but no companion. I am fifty year old man, who has tried eveything and done just about everything in his life, for what? myself? No to prove to ever one I can do anything that's possible. I grew up, because everyone around me, said i wouldn't amout to a hill of beans, I would be a loser, Well, my friend, I am proving them WRONG. I have excell in Life, and now I am giving back. I proved to them I can, do anything I want, anything!<br />
<br />
I came out of the closet last year, and I am Happy to be Gay, and as well as Proud! My life isn't a bed of rose, although I like roses. So, anurag12345, would you be my friend, and maybe we could work on your, looking for what is Best for you!

correct..start loving yourself....