Cant Change My Past But I Can Chaange My Future

well there is lots of things in life that i regret and will 4-ever rember them and regret them, if i had three (3) wishes i'll change all of that ; well i met a few guys in lie and some were good and some were very bad, the worst one of them is (fedon Anthony) man i regret i met this guy he is a big fraud if i only new that i would of never ever be friends with a guy like that; you some guys come to u so nice, they want to be your friend, be a shoulder for you to lean on and yet they take your trust, honesty and abuse it, man i hate this guy so much that i change i cell phone number 4 time just so that he can't have any contact with me but he always get my number and call and send threats. man this guy is a f**king thief if i knew that i would of never go there, man this guy is now in and out of the prison for fraud, stealing and so much more and yet he tell people things about me that is not even true, its far for the what he say that is what i regret most about my life;

well that one mistake i will never make in life again before i go out with anybody or get to close with anybody i do a full background check and asked 1ooo+ question before letting then close to me, so with dat mistake i learn alot off things so i'm working on new goals and doing new things with my life. i love my life now than b4.
slimbaby1983 slimbaby1983
22-25, F
Jul 11, 2010