I Agree With This Title A Lot...even Though It Can Be Hard To Forget The Past

right now I'm a high school graduate, I just graduated like 5 weeks ago
every now and then I think about high school, and all the mistakes I made with people. Weather it was academically or socially, there are many things I wish I didn't do in high school.

High school was rough for me, I was trying to find myself and spent the majority of my first 2 years just being depressed. I started skipping a lot, high school just seemed unimportant. Obviously I got bad grades, and almost considered dropping out of high school.

I also got into a lot of drama with other kids. I didn't exactly have the best of friends, we fought a lot and I always seemed to be involved in some sort of drama. Life sucked then, I had suicidal tendencies and just hated myself and everything around me.

but eventually things just started to change, I stopped talking to my group of friends once summer came(because of some stupid fight) and it just made me think about things. Once junior year came, everything was becoming different. I've changed a lot since then, I'm not a whole new person. so I've learned in a real way that beating yourself up about the mistakes you've made in the past doesn't do any good. It can often be hard to forget the past, but you can't do anything about it. It's best to learn from what you do did and know what you can do different next time.
Joeyheartmusic Joeyheartmusic
18-21, M
Jul 20, 2010