A Fact That Will Never Change

"When dishonest money is collected and becomes more important than the product given, the good times will only last for so long, the collaspe will always fall upon you" This is a true honest statement that will always live on.

With the empires that are built, who survives for generations and who will meet their demise? It is proven to be such empires that constantly think to bring new products that truly help mankind will live on. While the empires with thoughts of dishonesty will continue to fall.

As we the honest people from this earth constantly talk about the corruption, stealing, and cheating going on. When we the honest people from this earth constantly THINK about how it must end. The Mind unites together, which brings the forth-coming of the above statemnt to life.

Let it be known; Companies such as BP your days are numbered just as predicted, unfortunately you have taken parts of The Natural Nature of our survival along with you. The ly-ing, cheating, and stealing you have given and taken from the honest people of this world, let it be known; the honest mind has united together in thought to bring upon you your numbered days.

A fair warning to all other dishonest business men such as Chase Bank and all others, be careful, and rethink your strategies, with the ly-ing, cheating and stealing you are doing, because your turn will be sure to come as we the honest people unite together in thought to bring upon you what is deserved.

In having Good Thoughts, to help mankind, coming together as the honest people of this world unite together in mind. A Powerful Mind it will become, it is then a better civilization will be built, to prosper into happiness for all.

Honesty will allways Prevail!
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5 Responses Jul 21, 2010

its unfortunate suzzy there are few who ever think "to give more in value, than what is recieved, the volume will take care of itself" what a shame that this way of thinking is almost nonexistant. Many things in this world do not present happiness for all, but what a world it would be.

Hi guy, I live and work on a dairy farm with my parents. We hardly get enough money to cover the cost of production because the government sets the milk price. But we live simply and work hard for little or no profit. We love the farm and the animals and live a meaningful life. I always felt there is a difference between the money we earn and the dishonest money floating around in the economy. Just as God takes care that we have enough, He will also bring down those who are taking more than they give. Great post.

I too find it to be amazing also moksha18, that we all know about all the corruption amongst us, because the dishonest ones are becoming exposed all more often. It really is ashame that to be decietful is the way to do business, these type of people claw and scratch thier way to the top, standing on the shoulders of others never to look down to help anybody up. they do not care how many lives they destroy as long as they take, take, take, never to give anything back, the mentality is"gi-me its mine".<br />
What a disgrace to humankind, but not to worry we know what the end result will be for them.

Amazingly, i was discussing the same thing with a friend this afternoon. We have extremely corrupt politicians in our country and we really wonder how much money these old people need...they are robbing the country and the fact is you never know what happens the very next moment. we all come in this world empty hands and everybody knows nothing goes with us..but then..making money at the cost of your nation......?..i really wonder what goes into these kinds of people who make money at any cost...by all corrupt manners....they don't believe what goes around, comes around..but that is the fact..as we sow, so shall we reap...I really like what u have mentioned in your story...

Thanks EndlessDreams 91, I am one to speak out on what I hear, think and see. The mind is a powerful source that when shared with good connecting thoughts the good will come to all of us.