The most important thing to remember in context to this group, I believe, is

There is No Past Existing
Let Go of those thoughts

You are only in the Present Now
Enjoy This Present Moment

Everything But the Present Now
is a Thought and a Belief
Stop wasting this Moment on the Past
Stop yourself from structuring your Present around Thoughts and Beliefs of the Past
As It is Not what Exists Now

Experience the State of Being you Wish to Experience
in This Present Now
Live the Life you Wish you Live
And You Will Change your Future for the Better
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4 Responses Jul 25, 2010

I'm not at all saying don't think about your past :) You should treasure your memories, for sure. <br />
I just recommend not getting caught up in pointless and draining, negative dense emotional states, guilt and fear, for example. <br />
I agree with tasmin, you must be careful not to attach to things without questioning them first...as they can impact your perception...so that's certainly one way retrospect can be useful... otherwise, the result is letting yourself get stuck and repeating mistakes.<br />
<br />
With Love & Light! :) <3

We must think about the past so we avoid future mistakes but we must be careful not to dwell on such things as they become heavy and weigh us down with what if's.

Hmmm interesting way to look at things.

I agree <br />
<br />
But I still think we have to think about the past so we dont repeat mistakes