...I was the child that lived through yrs of sexual abuse.I was the woman who was beat by my husband.I was the wife that came in last place.I was the woman who worked 3 jobs just to pay the bills.....And i Thank-God for each and every hardship that i have been through. For it lead me to be the woman I AM today...
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I admire your courage and approach to life,its not everyday we hear of people who stay strong through all they've been through and at the end can proudly say that it made them become who they are today.I think thats what life teaches us every day with all the joys and sadness we are forced to face.I beleive in determination,and you have showed me this today with this experience of yours.

you are a strong lady..i have no respect for a man who beats a woman...i have always worked at least 2 jobs.. hope you left him. my mothers first marriage was abusive...he beat her until she miscarried. she left him married dad. she miscarried 6 times with dad ..the dr said she wouldnt be able to carry full term she had me...she taught me never to hit a woman. so did dad. i remember waking at night hearing mom having flashbacks about being beaten. i would get so angry. i tracked her first husband down..all i found was his grave. i was kind of disapointed i really wanted to beat him bad for what he did to mom

Hugs...I have a friend i helped get out of an abusive marriage. I simply said, you need to get out of that house, and so you and the kids come live with us, and we will help you get out of there legally. And we did just that.It is 30 years later, she is remarried, and she still has nightmares about all of the beatings etc. And so it is not easy to deal with. Even after getting out, there are long lasting scars and fears.

i think the physical scars heal but the emotional scars never go away

Sad but true....

It's your attitude to life and makeing something out of nothing, as they say lemonaide out of lemmons. Good for you!!!!!!!

The Creator has a plan for each of us, and we can wallow in self pity or learn the lesson we are receiving. I believe that every thing that happens in life is either a lesson or a blessing, and that all lessons, once embraced will become a blessing. Sometimes the lesson comes over and over and seems impossible to understand, then I remember, I dont need to know why, I just need to accept it and move forward. <br />
I never regret anything that happened to me in my life, I dont want to ever forget it, because everything that happened in my life brought me to where I am today. and today I am a happy healthy child of God, what a blessing that is.

........Thank-You Kind Sir..LOL.. Yes,it was all worth while,truthfully I wouldn't want to do it again.Life is a training ground for me and I believe I have grown in ways that I might have missed if things had been easier. I only get to do this once,and I want the time that I live to count for something..I quess we all want that huh..

So the end does justify the means? You have a great attitude, Sassysprite.