Trusting A Dear Friend

 Hello All,, 
 This is my first story and hope you would like it... 

       It began by meeting a very nice, smart, active friend. We've always had the same interests starting from drawing and music to our fantasies with guys :P.. I guess a bit of a teenage thing... by the time we are heading up into our senior courses, some Jealousy was founded in her because of marks "such a thing is important to her" and took really personal for who don't care about studying and take an A+ while she took a D or because my Animation project worked better than hers..
Don't let me annoy with the stupid girly stuff happened..

       Although I knew all bout her jealousy, I never been aware of her turning on me and reached the level of stabbing me in the back.. Thank GOD the damages was Collect-able and am a System analyzer now in a big IT Company .. All the actions that came from my side was to IGNORE her as a she never existed in our Graduation Ceremony and so is my friends.. No one need such a scary monster in their lives.. 

The Wise word I can tell her: Don't Close your eyes the whole time even that friend was supporting you every single minute...

She is sorry about it but can a friendship sail while trust is shattered into peaces !!!

Pinky Diamond 

PinkyDiamond PinkyDiamond
22-25, F
Jul 30, 2010