I Don't Get It!

I got separated in 1998 my Ex- husband was abusive and evil. We went through a bad divorce I have 4 beautiful kids. My youngest daughter was mad at me so she took his side, hes her stepfather. He gave her money and she wanted to get even with me so she helped him fight for custody of my 2 sons..

She did so many horrible things to me her sister, and her brothers. we were estranged for 4or 5 years. We started a new relationship and I was having a great relationship with my grandaughters their just babies 3 months and 3 yrs, everytime I go there its grandma I love you its so great. When we decided to try to work things out we decided to  not bring up the past, and go on from that moment.

I'm not an angel I have done things wrong but I was always there for all my children my youngest daughter was so spoiled she got everything she wanted.
After she moved out and came back 1 year later, I told her she had to work or babysit I couldn't't afford to take care of a grown women, she got mad and helped my Ex by lying about just about everything.

I was supposed to go there Thursday and she sent me a e-mail saying she doesn't want a relationship I am stunned and so hurt. I have grown and changed so much in the past 7 years. She let me form a bond with my grandaughters now she wants to cut me out of there lives like I was never there.
Even though I have changed and grown and learned from the past nobody else has. they are still in the same place as they were or worse. I let slide everything she put me through cause shes still my daughter and I love her, But I can't go through this pain whenever she doesn't like something or believe something. I don't understand how anyone would let their children form a bond with someone then act as if they were never there. It really hurts me and its not healthy for the children either. 
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I'm doing much better, Thank you! My daughter has reached out and we have gotten pretty close to back to normal. I spend time with my 2 grandaughters, and we spend time my children and I having our family diiners again. Makes my sons so very happy! Yes it hurts to even thing about it, nobody can break such a strong bond, I always knew that but it doesn't change the pain of being seperated even for a short time! I hope things stay good for us both. Thank you for your kind words!

I dont know how you are doint at the present but i hope you are better than when you wrote this<br />
Your story is very very similar to mine<br />
Its painful to even remember at times and yet i have a strong bond with my kids, but my ex pulls them and his abusive controlling ways just have a pull, like an evil force on them<br />
just as it used to me. i wish you best in life hun!