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In the meantime, Spitzer's political career had started to crumble, a phenomenon that began slowly and ended with stunning speed. An early blow had been allegations that, as governor, he'd used state officials to sAndrew and Spitzer had long Tiffany Red heart lock charm and bracelet each other--perhaps they were too alike. Spitzer had been born wealthy, and so each in his own way was a child of privilege with something to prove.
Andrew's office had quickly produced a report critical of Spitzer, undisclosed elements of which dribbled out in the papers from Syracuse to New York City over several days, always citing anonymous sourcesPaloma's Zellige bracelet Andrew delighted in Spitzer's trouble. "Eliot hears my footsteps," he confided at the time. Then Spitzer's identity as Client 9 was revealed, prompting his resignation in a prostitution scandal. Spitzer's successor, David Paterson, proved ill-equipped for the job, and Andrew, showing newfound restraint,
stayed out of the spotlight as Return to Tiffany heart lock charm and bracelet was pushed aside--the world did seem to work on Andrew's behalf. "He was reborn," says a person close to him at the time.

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Aug 4, 2010