Snake Dream

i dreamed last night  (wednesday 4th August 2010) that i was facing the door way of the kitchen in the house that i lived in about 40 years ago (i have never returned there or felt the need to)...  in the doorway was a snake.  very thin,  redish orange and reared up,  with hood,  like a cobra.  as i moved toward it,  it backed away, and i sensed that it would keep moving away from me...... as i moved backward,  it rapidly moved toward me.  it came into contact with a lower part of my body but i could not see which part.... i think maybe at knee level but could have been higher or lower.  i felt no sense of fear and i didn't feel bitten,  just touched.   i am left with a sense that backing off was the right thing to do but no need to run away..... i awoke with a odd "what was that about"  hanging over me.  it has puzzled me all day,  like i am supposed to understand something important.

Please help me to understand and do the right thing !

robbiew8n robbiew8n
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Anymore dreams?

hi puck61, marji and beachykeen,,... this won't let me acknowledge your comments individually...another EP gliche maybe?? i take something from each of your messages... i am wondering if i have been touched by something "evil"...... something attempting to pull me down into the carnal and away from the spiritual.... and yet, i also have a sense that it was something that i needed to experience. moreover, i suspected that i was protected all along the way, in case it all became too much.... and now? well no more snakes.... defo gonna look for nourishment somewhere else thank you all, robbie

I think this is interesting for sure.I would keep the snake at bay and find nourishment from another.hugs

snakes represent sex and sexuality. The kitchen represents lifes plans. Could the interaction between you and the snake represent an ongoing relationship that you're having or perhaps one that you will have?<br />
* the kitchen could also represent spiritual nourishment and the snake can also represent evil.....................