Special Person In My Life Who Brightens My Day ♥

Falling in love with you wasn't something i expected to happen you know

im glad i met you

i remember the day when we both were just friends getting to know each other

you made me laugh and smile every single day just like you do now.

we got to know each other well.
how we really are without trying to put a face of someone else that we really aren't.
showing are true selves what in reality who we are
Your a wonderful person i love how you always
know to say the right words when im down

how you make me laugh with your jokes and how funny you act

especially when you start singing when i tell you

" I think you should be on american idol" haha...
i like how we can argue by playing around without getting mad at eachother

and of course we have to have our little fights every now and then

how you care about me and help me/ give me advice
and i thank you for that
im glad you met my grandmother the one person i love and care for and knowing that

you had wanted to meet her
I remember the first time you came to visit me

when i first saw you down the street in your ACU uniform

i had a wonderful time being with you

Then knowing that you had to leave wasn't easy to endure
but i understood the reason

Knowing that your so far away not being able to be with you is sad
but i know that i'll be with you again for the little time your able to be here with me

you'll come and go for some time
since you being in the army requires you to be gone alot and away
i knew from the start that being in a relationship with you wasn't going to be easy

that we both have to put a great deal of effort and care for our relationship to work out

I have faith in us getting through

i'll be strong for the both of us just as i know you will too

i promise you everything i said
that i'll be faithful to you and wait for you

i miss you so much more then id ever imagine

Your always on my mind and in my heart

everyday i wait till you get off of work to hear ur voice on the other line or
a message from you it brings a smile to my face when i talk to you

It's like having a great feeling of satisfaction inside

i love you for you
You became someone important and very special in my life

And now were both here together today in this world

 trying to make this love and relationship to be strong and succeed
through the hard times that life is and will put us through.

And making this happiness last forever ♥

kimmy2012 kimmy2012
18-21, F
Aug 5, 2010