I hope I spelled the title right.  I don't really know if what I am about to say is a confession or just a though, but I will post it here anyway.
I guess it all started this evening, when my boyfriend called me.  I guess I was feeling rather maudlin or depressed, but despite the fact that I was feeling that way..he didn't't even seem to care.  All he cared about was going to sleep.  Now don't get me wrong I understood that he was tired and all, but I honestly thought he would have tried to comfort me.  Instead of actually trying he kind of just gave up and just wanted to go to bed.  I mean is that how all guys are or is it just him?   So when I tried to tell him how I felt all he said was that, "I don't know what to do".  Or that, "It's late and I want to sleep."  How the hell is that supposed to help me or us?

I suppose I was feeling this way because the more that time passes for us..the more I feel the physical distance between us will never get shorter. (Physical distance meaning a long distance relationship) I have thought about our future together and in doing so..I am more willing to sacrifice the life I have here to be with him, than he is willing to sacrifice for me.  I am the one who has to move and leave my family behind, if I go to grad school...I have to do it where he is so that we can be closer...I am willing to sacrifice everything that I am for that man and he couldn't't even try to help feel better...



Can any of you men out there answer me, because I am afraid that I will not understand what he feels if he is unwilling to tell me....
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You have stated that you had a phone conversation before seeing each other, you also stated you were feeling depressed, during your conversation if things didn't go so well, your man may hae had it in his head" I really don't want to hear about it". As you may know for yourself talking with a depressed person can be difficult, if you cannot make someone feel better in a short conversation it can drag out into hopeless'ness.<br />
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So I give you a suggestion. When the timing is right you can speak with him about it. The timing should be when he has that look in his eyes and starts getting all touchy, feely with you. And when that begins it will be time to tell him how you feel (without being depressed) you must be pleasent, caring, loving, giving him a secure feeling that when this brief conversation is over the action will begin.<br />
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Now as you are telling him how you feel, with all you are sacrificing of your life for him, begin by saying "hey baby, honey, darling or what ever it is you like to call him. And as you are talking, saying what is on your mind, touch him in a very loving, caring way but making sure that what you are saying is tender with feelings from your soul. If he truly loves you he will listen and give to you wht you want to hear.<br />
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Warning if things do not go as planned and all falls apart in a bad way, you will discover your answer. In either way your answer will be discovered.<br />
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Best of luck to you.

from my own point of view, i believe a woman should be respected and looked upon with high esteem, i believe any lady i'm in a relationship with should be loved as i love my self . In essence what i dont wish myself or would do to my self, i cant do to her.<br />
Firstly, i dont encourage pre marital sex cos, it brings down the value of a woman. A woman should know that her chastity is a priceless virtue that shouldnt be traded. ultimately God disapproves of sexual immorality between unmarried people.<br />
Secondly, Love is all about sacrifice from both parties, it takes two to tangle . If someone is not showing you love then back off because a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage.<br />
Finally, not all men are the same. Jesus in a person makes the difference, he can transform lives and heal broken wounds.