Here’s To Tomorrow!

In my journey I’ve realized life is a sequence of many things, experiences, lessons, and choices, just to name a few. I wouldn’t have developed this point of view of mine if I didn’t live the life I had. Sure I got regrets, who doesn’t? At times I wasn’t dealt a fair hand, and I didn’t understand why. One day a thought occurred to me. Right here, right now my life sucks… is it always going to be this way? The answer came to me like a flash flood. I had to laugh, any answer other than HELL NO! would be dead wrong. Even if I do nothing to change my situation, change is the only constant in life. Eventually everything that surrounded me, everyone who surrounded me would change in time. Another thought occurred to me, if I make even just a small effort to change something right now over time the impact will be tremendous. It’s all perspective, its patience; today my life is better than it has ever been because I made it that way, because I see it that way. Tomorrow, I can’t wait to see it! The small things I have recently set in motion last year, last month, and even earlier this week. I won’t see the outcome for a long time from now, but they keep me looking forward (not backwards), and when they arrive, well it just keeps getting better.
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Aug 9, 2010