Rather That Try To Forget The Past I Can Learn From The Mistakes

I wouldn’t say ive had the most difficult past, in most ways ive been very lucky in my up bringing. Although I was brought up by my grandparents and my birth parents where never their for me, I did know who my mother was and I knew her new family I didn’t worry about it too much. All that mattered was that my grandmother who I saw as my mum loved me very much. My granddad never really spoke to me and seemed to despise my being there, its odd to say that ive lived with some one all my life and never been able to hold a conversation with them.
When I reached 17 I received a message from my birth mother saying she had found my father who I had never met or had any contact with at all in my life. I had always thought if I were to ever get in contact with him it would be on my terms, me contacting him. Within 2 weeks my mother had left her family of three children and her husband and moved in with my birth father.
A lot of other things have happened since too much to really write but my point is that although a lot of things have tested me in the past, I feel I have experiences in different life situations that other people may not have had. Rather that try to forget the past I can learn from the mistakes I and other people around me have made. The past will never be changed, I will never have a proper parent/child relationship with my birth parents but I can try to forgive them, and hopefully one day in the future have some kind of proper contact with them.
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It sounds like you're nurturing a beautiful and positive attitude.

Nice. I'm doing great. I'm a live coach.

Thanks moksha18 thats very nice way of putting things, I hope you are alright and goodluck with you too =]

Yes, life is full of surprises. It is better to put everything behind and move on in life as present is more important. Nobody is perfect and we all keep committing mistakes. By forgiving, we heal our own wounds. good luck and stay happy...hugs.

Hello, Im alright thank you how are you? Im currently studying theatre and community work and working with afew theatres and community groups. How about you?

How are you now? What are you doing for a living?