I Have A Small Penis

my weenie is approx 1 1/2 to 2 inches soft and about 3 1/2 erect. I didnt have enough **** to jerk off until i was 17 and even now i really dont have enough to grasp i either use two fingers or i just hump my bed. this hased alwas caused me to have girl troubles once at my senior prom my date was grindin on me and i got a stiffie and i know she noticed cause she laughed and turned and looked at me and smirked i was humiliated. Whenever i was 16 i was gettin a ******* from this taller girl and she used two fingers and she laughed the whole time she was jerkin me off. she had to use short motions up and down cause of how tiny it is she was laughing and my face was red and i had a dumb look on my face cause we both knew it was small it was akward.indecision During this she started to make jokes and make fun of mee jokingly but it was still humiliatingsad i wanted it to end but it tickled so good. After a little she got bored it didnt last long one eye browed raised and she looked at me like i was pathetic , blushshe gave me a stern look it was funny at first but then she got bored and then i came , Spalt! Splat! she then rubbed it down with her pinky then said "aha you good"  i said yes in a quiet vioce she didnt hear me so i had to repeat myself. Long story short i left and she didnt even say goodbye she just went over by her friends and didnt say anything the rest of the night . Later that year she started dating this guy who i knew was big because i saw him in the locker room she knew i was small and he was big and im just the loser who she doesnt think is funny or cool anymore. to this day im intimidated my taller girls cause of her. anyway i wish i was bigger i wish i was at least 4 inches , but o well im straight but i almost get off on being made fun of about it by others i guess you could say ive dealt with my tiny pp long enough to find the benefits. 
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Forgive me for saying this ... it is only an opinion: but it seems to me you are into humiliation (a light form of masochism), and the small penis thing is a component of this sexual turn on for you. I am not being judgmental nor am I criticizing you ... I'm only perceiving that you get pleasure from being insulted and humiliated (and a lot of heterosexual guys are into this, it is nothing to be ashamed of). I think we should all better understand our sexuality and accept those preferences and fetishes that turn us on.

I used to have a slightly larger than average size. Sex was good.

Pre the internet I had seen many penises and knew from that sample that I was a bit more than average. Out of maybe 200 penises I had seen in change rooms through work and at school there were two that stood out. One of those was substantially larger than any other. That fellow was not at all boastful about his size but young women almost queued to see it and try it out. When I knew him he had two steady girlfriends who knew about each other and tolerated him having casual sex with curious girls.

When the internet came along I started to see all the sites on penis enlargement and was curious if it actually worked. I started just using the various manual techniques and found it did actually work. I tended to get wider faster than long. For a while it really added spark to our sex life. However I got hooked and went too far. I ended up not being able to fully penetrate my wife without her feeling some pain - she had internal scarring from three caesarians.

By this stage I was hooked on PE and kept at it. After a couple of years I could only get my glans inside my wife and that progressed to not being able to even do that. We still enjoy non-penetrating sex but I do miss not being inside.

My penis is now as close to the biggest I have seen in the flesh but not as large as you see on some **** sites. I still have the problem of it being very thick compared to length.

Point is I expect most men could have the penis they desire if they are prepared to put enough effort into it. But it does take a long time and a lot of dedication. However the various exercises can be worked into most daily routines.

Ok dude, allow me if you will. I will be the very first man here to say YES size does matter to a woman BUUUUUUUUUUUUT its not in the way that you think. What you have is just fine since it would not cause very much harm to a woman and the very much potential to cause all kinds of pleasure. If you are unhappy with your size and think that its not enough to please a woman.....you have a tounge and you have two hands....use them. Do not I repeat DO NOT take enhancement pills whatsoever. They only work for some men, they are not permanent which means you have to keep taking them for the rest of your life, there are side effects such as desensitizing to the point of numbness and even failure to erection. And sadly (after doing some research on this matter since I thought I was not a good enoug size myself) I came across something that will make you regret the enhancement pill industry forever. Once you think your at a good size and you stop taking them, not only will it go back to the original size but have an 80% chance of it going smaller. The surgery bit is worse. It could cause seriouse nerve damage to where you cant feel anything and even if you could you would be hard but it just hangs there. It doesnt stick out or anything it would just be erect and hanging low. Be happy with what you have and find women that like that. Again I myself thought I was small at 6 1/2 to 7 inches on average and went up to 8 on my best day and with a tape measure going around im a little over 4 inches thick. I am not bragging about my size to put you down buddy keep reading to understand why I put that there. Anything over 8-9 inches most women run away from and any woman that would want to have that in them you really have to ask what other pogo or how many pogo sticks have they been bouncing on to get used to that size? Women dont start out being that loose at all. And anything less than 3 inches.....again hands and tounge. That is what I meant by size does matter but not in the way that you think. Your absolutely fine.

In my 40s, it seems like my penis is not as long as it was in my 20s but is thicker. It has shrunk with age. My penis does not reach half one inch long even some times it goes up inside me.

According to my Urologist, the penis does NOT shrink with age. If you have put on weight, or became heavier, it will appear smaller, though. I lost a lot weight, don't have a tummy anymore, and my d-ck appears much bigger.

but do u think this always related ???

hey...i'm a girl so i dont completely understand what you feel like but i have a suggestion...if it bothers you so much there is an operation where they cut suspensory ligaments and it takes a couple of days to heal and not to invasive too. I'm not sure how much it cost but you can look into it.<br />
<br />
lots of hugs.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That is a very very bad idea.

wow man its so refreshing to hear another man talk about this issue instead of bragging about his **** to make himself feel better. i too have a less than average sized penis. id say its approximately 2.9" hard. however, i have mastered a little trick after a few years on the love market. just as my lady friend gets hot and heavy after my oral gift to her, i pull out my handy ***** (which is a good 6.5") and ram her until her eyes roll back. as im doing her, im ******* off with an ample amount of baby oil so that it feels even better than her semi-lose vagina. and voila- sex with a smaller **** can still be fun. P.S. Not to sound like a complete pervert, i have had a few sexual encounters with "little people" and boy does it take care of the small penis awkwardness issue a sits still bigger than some of their limbs.

This is the oddest story I have read in quite a while I am wondering why you would publish this though??

Small penis and ED to boot. Girlfriend says she doesn't care.....really????

I have a small one but can tell you that if you know how to hit the G-spot anything is possible and that alone can be enough to make her happy, out of the 10 or so women i have been with i would say 7 or 8 of them ****** clitorally anyway.

you are whom you are. acceptance is the only way forward for us all.<br />
<br />
with respect<br />

At this point in my life, I envy you. I would prefer a tiny weenie. One of the medications I currently take, and perhaps my age, have made it almost impossible to go fully erect, even then, it is smaller then average. It's not like my wife seems to care one way or the other. She has never been into anything more then an occasional romp and those can be months apart. <br />
<br />
Never wish for something more then you have been given, just learn to make the best of what you have. <br />
<br />
I wish you all the best kiddo.

you will find there is a big fetish for guys with a small penis and many ways how things could be turned around for sexual pleasure - its just finding the way. ;)

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I an 4" hard but never been wth a girl coz am too ashamed. Wud love nothing better than gettin a girl but dnt think I cud handle the lauhhin and smirking ot wud be to embarassing

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