I Love My Snacks But...

Went to the supermarket today thought get some snacks and drinks. Just like everyone else pick and choose whatever i think i would like. Not forgetting the price, healthy products ect.. Never did i expect to feel like a fool until i settle down 2 hours after my dinner. That is when i started to look for those snacks that i bought today. Have you ever wonder how much you are getting inside a packet of snack? Very often i hear adults asking kids you finished all that chips already. The reasons, there is not much in there. Take a closer look on the packing. A plastic bag as long as my arm has only 250g of snacks in it. I tell you the rest is AIR. What they are selling us is 40% air and 20% of plastic. And i can't help it but to think what are the other percentage that goes to other things like advertisment. Can someone please tell me how much is my actual snack cost? Do they think we are stupid or something? Well, my advise to those who read this is always to  look at the weight of what you are getting. Be wise and don be a fool like me. cheers..
pierrelee pierrelee
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2 Responses Aug 14, 2010

I do know that a can of coke costs less than 1 cent to manufacture. The mark up on it is unbelievable. So I would not be surprised if the returns are similar for snack products.

ya. you never know for sure what you are getting when you are not careful.