We Can All Change Our Own Future

i would like to start by telling a little of the bad things about myself and then a little of the good things about me, i will then tell you of my plans to change the direction of my future. at the age of 3 i started to witness my mother being beatin up at the hands of the man i called dad. life was hell my mum coverd in bruises all of us being mentaly abused, we all had a life of hell by that basterd. at 8 the friendly, handyman neighbur stared usein his hands to sexualy abuse me for god knows how long and how many times. my mother plucked the courage up and lft him wen i was around 10. at age 12 another nxt door neighbur thought it was his givin rite to take my virginity and use my inacent prepuprty body for sex when ever he felt like it and please believe me it hurt so bad everytime. at that age a family member would sneak into my room at nite when they thought i was asleep and once again my body was used for  indecency purposes. around this time i started drinking srtaight vodka and gettin drunk etc etc. god by the time i was 15 i was addicted to drugs sent to jail at 16. life didnt get any better  i lost all the freinds i had and have struggled to meet and make freinds since i got involved with that ****.life has got better since  i had my kids and met my partner kevin. now ill try and tell you some positive things, this is how im going to change my future for me and my family!!! i learnt karate young and was one of Scotlands youngest girls to pass my blackbelt ( that was 1 of my proudest moments period ) i had alot of freinds at school so at one point i must av been liked and popular. im loyal and when i love someone i love them and its for keeps. im funny sometimes and dont relise it. i have brought 2 great little kids up, they are so fantastic. when i set my mind to something i do it, and i do it good. all the things bad that has happened to me and all the bad i have done if i let it all get in top of me i would never move on, so today i have decided i will move on with my life, my kids will get a better up bringin my partner will get a real partner out of me not someone who blames him for things that is wrong in my life. i am taking responsablty for it all and i will do everything in my power to make a better future for all of us and not let my past destroy our future!!! thats a ****** promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You are truely an inspiration to anyone who has heard your story!! Thank you!!

Well done to you. I can hardly believe that one lovely young woman has had to go through so much - although I have 2 beautiful daughters myself and know the hell that they have gone through in their few shorts years - so I know these things are true. Its very difficult knowing how to move on and what yto do - but the first start is making a committment towards doing it - and that's what you've done - so continue down that path and take it one day at a time.

charge forward....make your world what you wish it to be!