"i Can't Change The Past But I Can Change My Future",

Some people don't know how to leave the past behind. Some have moved on to a better day towards the future.
But, there will always be someone to remind you of what you had done. Whether you lied, cheated,etc. These people
need to know that your past is your past. If you don't let go of the past, it will control you and you will be in bondage.
Allow yourself to be set free so... that you can live the life that God had intended for you to live.
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3 Responses Dec 24, 2010

Its correct i agree with your words but i have a question , if your past is horrible but you did learn a lesson from it but if you forget the lesson learnt it can ruin your future .What shud you do??


You speak the truth. I just wish it was as easy done as it is said. Sometimes people just seem to take pleasure in making your past your present and they just won't let you move on. It's almost like they take pleasure in you agonizing over past mistakes. Things would be so much better if people would leave past mistakes in the past and let you move on in your life and do as you said, live the life God intends for you. This is a nice post.