I Simply Donno What I Want!!!!

First things first...I am 25 yrs old, raised in a middle class family wherin my father works very hard to keep food on our table....an he still does!!!...as far as i go....i am a graduate doing some odd jobs for the last couple of years and still not able to find my feet...whereas my friends go they are already well settled in their lives... every thing was hunky dory till a couple of years back when I am still not xposed to the corporate world and my friends are wid me…once they left for higher studies, I started to feel bad abt myself.. I envied them…still do!!!!....My parents xpect more from me which am not able to deliver.
Evry body talks abt dreams and the courage u need to pursue them….i hav lot of them…I mean dreams…by I don’t hav any specific goal which is hurting my chances of doing better…Hope this forum helps me find my goal in life:)
widmyheart widmyheart
Apr 17, 2011