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Changing It Now

For the past 3 years I was trapped in my house, I didn't consider it my home it was more like a prison than a home. I couldn't do absolutly anything. And I literally mean anything. If I wanted to watch tv I had to wait until my mom was in the room so she could watch it with me because my parents didn't want me to watch any movies or shows that would give any or some idea of how to escape. So I was basically left to watch the news or baby shows. Going outside to get the mail wasn't an option for me unless my mom or father came with me because that would've been a great opportunity for me run away. Using the Internet was also not an option for me because every time I did my father would cut it off (meaning he wouldn't pay the bill and the company would cut it). I found a way to get it back last year. My mom was constantly watching what I was doing every second of every hour of every single day. And my father couldn't have cared less what I did just as long as I didn't find someway to call the cops on him or find some other way to try and get out of my house. Because if I did then he would have one of his rages and beat me. That was back when I was scared of him when I was like 13-17, but ever since I learned how to defend myself he no longer hit me.

I tried just about everything you can think of to get out of my house. I would wait until my father was passed out on the couch and my mom was asleep in her room so I could sneak out through the front door but somehow my mom would always know I was up to something and be right behind me when I was going to open the door she would wake my father up and he'd drag me back in. The neighbors never heard me scream they mind their own business and don't care for anyone else but themselves. I got the idea getting out through my window, but my father was ahead of me on that he put bars on all the windows including the little one in the bathroom. Since I got the Internet back last year I tried contacting the police that way since we don't have a home phone or cell phones but everytime they'd come to my house my father would knock me out when he saw them coming and then he'd put me in my room in my bed to make it look like I was asleep, and he'd convince them that there was nothing wrong going on and they come and check my room saw that I was "asleep" and they'd leave. How I knew well I was in my room and in bed for one thing and the cops were no longer there.

My father did something terrible on Easter and I already wrote a blog about it and I don't feel like retelling it hear you can read it though if you want it's called The Worst Easter Ever. Well all in all my mom is in the hosptial right now in ICU and she won't get out until 6 weeks if she gets better if not it could take longer. My father is now in jail and I am in the process of getting all of my and my mom's things out of the house and into a shelter where they're helping me look for a job. We'll move in once my mom's out of the hospital and hopefully we'll get to have a new life I just hoped this wouldn't have happened for me to get a life but it did and now I can get one.
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I am praying your mum will be ok and this is the start of a different happier life for both of you