One of the Greatest Gifts

we have as humans is the power to change. 

Our everyday choices determine whether we live a empty, angry life or a life of meaning.

The book 'Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle defines how living in the "now" can transform ones life.  

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Viktor Frankl, author of Man's Search for Meaning said that in the concentration camps of Auschwitz, people would take the time to appreciate the beauty of the sunset.  Not even the horror of the camps could rob the victims of their yearning to seek the divine through nature and beauty.

Simply by changing how we think and feel about ourselves, each other, and the world gives us the power to make that change. 

We can take responsibility for our life and realize that we have the power to change.

How we feel about ourselves has a lot to do with how we see life.  If we are full of self-doubt it will be reflected in our outlook and will get us down. 

I will take the steps to make positive change in my life.

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So true! Changing how you think makes all the difference in the world. Where I work, I am outside as the sunsets and I just am in awe at how breath taking a sunset is. Then how the stars have set their own pattern in the sky. The many shapes of the moon. It makes the long hours lose their grip on me as healing rushes over me from the God of all creation.

All emotions and experiences have their place and purpose in life. To say it must be 'either/or' causes a lot of anxiety I believe where people are made to feel guilty or wrong for having emotions such as anger or sadness or fear and are made to feel that these feelings must be quickly replaced with happiness and love. I believe every emotion is a messenger to be listened to. It is not possible to be always happy or to always find deep meaning in your life and that is ok. I understand what you are saying and the hope that these books bring to people, but really I think until one can learn to accept both the positive and negative in life and within each one of us, the search for the 'perfect happiness' will never end!

i just need to write about anger<br />
<br /> has a place in life experiences. a life that has never experienced anger is missing an important dimension. i will also clarify - anger is a pure, felt response..... anger is not violence neither is it aggression. you refer to "the divine"... has "the divine" never experienced anger... or expressed wrath or vengeance..?? there is nothing wrong with any of our feelings and is what we do with them that is important.<br />
<br />
with respect, robbie<br />
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I learnt this lesson many years ago and raise my sons with the same understanding. In fact I am re-reading The Power Of Now at the moment. You are right that it is the most important lesson we can learn, besides helping others. Good for you.

i have had alot of good people in my life and yes i think i know my pourpose in life is and i have a job offer in the beging of next year and i know it will cang the way my life has been going the past three years and i cant wait theres still alot that i have to change about myself and thats not to think of him because it will blow the chance for happeness this time and this change is what i need i cant tell you right now what it is but i will tell some day god is giving me this to stop this nonsence that was never leading any where and is giving me hope for me and my son we have a chance to be happy again and leave the pst three years behing and this will be our new beginning with out him having a father that hates so much and i will not let him grow up knowing about his father and how mean he was to me played mind games and what his father did to his sister. i cant let my son focus on a man like that not even his sister deserved to be touched and raped by him her own father the image is so clear in my head i feel so hurt for her i just dont know how to get over the sadness i feel for her but i will protect my son no matter what i pray that he didnt assult our son like that. well this is what im trying to get over and i will just knowing the true him has changed my feelings and i am so happy that god showed me the truth before he raped our son this man needs to be watched around children he can not be trusted he may rape someone eles little girl and that is what makes me concerned if he cant keep his hands and penis away form his own daughter whats to stop him from doing this tho the kids at his work and families that invite him over for dinner i just dont know what to do he cant control himself around other kids hes a sexual petifile and hes not going to stop he thinks all men are like him but all he hang with are men like him so he sees no wrong in it , well im going to go for now

Thank you findinme I actually have that book , the first one and havent read it yet, but now am more inspired to read it. Thank you again.

Zakit...<br />
Thank you for sharing. I went searching and found the collection you refer to. I love these lines from The Butterfly poem:<br />
"But I have found what I love here. The dandelions call to me And the white chestnut branches in the court. <br />
Only I never saw another butterfly. "<br />
So sad it said "Fifteen thousand children under the age of fifteen passed through the Terezin Concentration Camp. Fewer than 100 survived. In these poems and pictures drawn by the young inmates, we see the daily misery of these uprooted children, as well as their hopes and fears, their courage and optimism. 60 color illustrations." I am inspired to get the book. Thanks again.