Love Never Fails An Truth Always Wins, === Part 14

      I started writing my story in another group, but for reasons some thought I was out to change them, because of my disagreements about the teachings of the word of god and the words we all use daily. Therefore before I begin my story I hope you realize my story is not as ABC to understand like most peoples stories, because in my case falling into the pit of hell it was words that had me loss love in my youth an adult years for I trusted the churches an our government people by hearing their words of freedom an justice an a event took place that opened my inner eye to see an know the truth 100%. Therefore I must state the truth and so far in my new life with truth not many people agree with me, so please bare with me as I explain the impossible recovery.

   I owe you this before you read on my story, because to most people an about every person, they would be grateful if I just kept my mouth an writing to my self, because I learned age an time is a myth an there is no magical maturity from 17 to 18 or any age, for maturity is by works not words. Now you understand why people dislike my recovery, I was a victim of false an foolish teachings about age, sex an time. I turned 21 thinking I was mature all because of age law teachings.

      Most of the court as police, judges, etc., void their self by saying, I am doing my job an it is the law which they read an interpret to their advantage an most church people etc., of god say the bible tells me so. Personally I have never heard the bible, law, or any writing talk, therefore what a person is DOING is what a person is as words said etc., have no value an their actions tell me who a person an people is in reality, not their words said. Most also think MONEY is the answer when money is only the baby step.

   Example, a poor person think them poor knowing the rich, the rich person think them rich knowing the poor, == both need help. ================================================== consider this, an my story starts in part 15. BE IT KNOWN, I DEFEND AGE-LAW AN TIME, ALL BELIEFS AS LONG AS NONE HURT EVEN ONE PERSON, FOR THAT PERSON MAY BE YOU AN GOD LOVES ALL, YES ALL, EVEN YOU AN ME. == REMEMBER THIS AT ALL COST, LOVE NEVER LOSSES  AN TRUTH ALWAYS WINS, == PLUS ONCE I OR YOU FALL IN LOVE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FALL OUT OF LOVE, HAVE A BLESSED DAY.     

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61-65, M
Jun 18, 2011