The Present

I'm starting to live for the present. When I'm thinking of the present I don't have any anxiety, or any panic attacks. Actually I haven't had either in a while. So I must be doing something right. If I think of just the present, I am calm, and I know that what I did yesterday was already taken care of.

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4 Responses Apr 10, 2008

Wise words! There is no such thing as negative (hence the name).We create the negative and turn it into a reality.We do this because every thought is believed by our subconscious as reality,that is why when we fantasize about winning the Lottery we get the same feeling as if we've really won it ( reality soon sets in though) Or if we imagine a horrible scenario our subconscious thinks it's fact/real.So if we actually take time out even for a few minutes each day to bring our mind back to the present we are basically giving our mind a reality check! Buddism is living in the present and meditation is extremely healing.

I like you get caught up in the past and the things that I can not change at the moment and I find myself not sleeping or creating lists of everything that helps for a moment. And like you I learning to stay in the moment and know that I can only control what is within my grasp at this moment. <br />
As far as reading The Power of Now, I did not find the answers i was looking for but other books have and being on this web site let's me get to know people like you who share some of these issues that we do have. Working towards a better tomorrow!

i saw some of oprah but what clinched it for me was when I saw primetime last nite. Prof. Randy Pousch, who is dying with pancreatic cancer. you can google him and watch his video. but he was so inspiring to me. not many people do that for me, not even my husband. but it's worth a look on his website. I also talk more about this on my blog. but it does change a person's outlook.

Have you been listening to Eckhart Tolle/Oprah "A New Earth" series. Also Eckhart Tolle's "Power of Now". I have been listening again to The Power of Now CD's in my car and they have helped me tremendously. There is no past or future, just the present. When we focus on the present and drop our stories of the past, we can be more alive and focus on the beauty of our everyday moments.