What is it about the past that I find so difficult to deal with.
Why do I miss things that I never even enjoyed while having it.
Why do I miss things that I never liked to begin with.
Why is it so hard for me to deal with change when my current situation isn't that great.

When I think back about my past. The people I knew then, old friends and old jobs. There is a feeling of sadness surrounding those thoughts. But it is not a sadness in that things were better back then. It's more about change. It is about the knowing that things once were a certain way and that it will never return that way again. It is an unsatisfying feeling. Knowing that I can never revisit that. I can never go there again. Much like knowing you will never be a teenager again. I don't miss being a teenager, but knowing that I will never be one again is a feeling of loss.
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You put words to my feelings

i have found myself pondering the same thing time and time again....

Hi Abyss,<br />
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All the cycles of life, young body then old body. It can be hard to be with what is so, or be where one is at right now. <br />
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There is a state for us humans where we concentrate on our unfulfilled expectations. How life ought to have been to what we expected. Then how it actually turned out.<br />
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If you are reading the Tao, are you getting sense that our brains are like a magnet. That we attract life events with our current thinking at the time. <br />
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Your thought today, is your actuality of tomorrow.<br />
So all you can now concentrate on is today, live in the NOW. <br />
Put the past in the past. <br />
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While change is constant.. it is because it is in the moment.. If we are not in the moment we cannot effect any change in us. Living in the past or future is life that does not exist.. for it is gone or not yet arrived. This we perceive as a lack in ourselves..<br />
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Lack implies that you would be better off in a state somehow different from the one you are in. So the cycle of loss becomes the moment we live in....<br />
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Life in our eternal selves is as eternal must translate time into eternity which is our native state of being... For the instant of peace is eternal because it is without fear. It will come, being the lesson the creator has given you...<br />
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The creator has hidden nothing from you.. it is all there and nothing is false....nothing is is only perception that keeps you from eternity...

It is an awesome realization that change is the only constant. All things pass away. There is always more on the horizon. And this moment is the only point in time over which we may exercise choice.

We aged yes, remember it is just a NUMBER. It is how we think that make us feel young forever. Enjoy life and be happy.