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A Message To Mulkie....

I used to carry a lot of baggage, I still do. I used to consider I had a "dark heart", and sometimes, I still do. I consider myself a "realist" who sees things for what they are. But my baggage is now overflowing, and now I realize that I have to lay it down. I have to learn that you learn from your past, but not carry it around. I shouldn't forget that everyone can be optimistic, no matter how bleak the situation. I'm looking forward to the times to come, and I'll REMEMBER TO BE HAPPY.
mulkie mulkie 41-45, M 5 Responses Jan 28, 2012

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me too :) if you don't take responsibility for your own happiness, who else will

so true, but a fact thats so easy to forget too!

YES!!! positivity is the key to a happy life :) I'm happy for you buddy.

Thanks sweetie! You are the master at being positive!

Optimism is what keeps me rolling, I will overcome and I will make my dreams come true. My past does not dictate my future

Thank you to all those that inspire and encourage...

Thanks kidrockdreamer, your ideals are inspirational!

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As someone that has battled depression for 5 years, I realize I need to lay some of my emotional baggage down (but wonder if I can until I no longer live with my parents if that is even possible)

Thanks for your reply gmckdude711. Good luck to you in your endeavors!

Thank story "Anthology of Meaningful Lyrics" as well as "I Will Rise Somehow" speak to my hope to rise out of my depressive battles.

So blessed to know you :)

I feel the same Blades, you're an angel on my shoulder during my times that... well, you know.