I'm An Adoptee

I was odopted at 6 weeks old into a lovely family, I knew that I was odopted from the age of about 7 years old, i was told that i was choosen, but I think most children are told that, I felt special, well for sometime anyway. As I became older I asked questions about my birth parents from time to time,  but got nothing they didnt want to talk the odoption, it was a closed book,in their eyes.

When I was 15 my Adad died, which put my search on hold, then life just went a bit crazy from there, I did stuff that Im not proud off, but eventually got myself together and got married and had children and there is another story, Two of my children have autism so its been a stuggle.

Now I think IM ready to carry on my journey to find my medical history and my birth family , I'm feeling very emotional at the moment like im on a rolercoaster and can't get off.

I will update when I have more news about my journey.

Thanks for listening
rayofsunshine123 rayofsunshine123
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hey how r u?? just wondering do u wear high heels if so how high?? and can u add me to your circle??

hmmmmm quite a story is your life .. but that makes it life .. life is sweet at times as well as bitter .... if we their no pain what is the fun in relief then .. pain and relief should go side by side to make life .. Life .. and you have done such a beautiful job so far in bringing up your kids and supporting them at times .. <br />
may God bless you

Thanks, hope tomorrow is just as good

Iam trying, but when this is all i thought of all my life its har Iam trying to think of myself and my family at the moment. Thank you for your support it is needeed.

Its hard to get get off, when most of my life I have been wanting this, Iam trying to focus on other things such as myself and my family.Thank you for your support it so needed.

I am glad today is a good day for you, and your in high spirts, the best blessings for you and your family.

You need to get off of the rollercoaster now! JUST STOP! focus, breath....relax... take a walk in the park and look at natures wonders, you are not ready for this journey to find your family today or tomorrow.<br />
Take care of your self first! THEN WHEN YOU HAVE MORE CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE, you will be ready.Bless You, I know its hard, Prayer will help you.