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Last night speaking to my aspergers  son of 21 years old, about what he wants out of life. He said he want to get married and have kids, and wants 12 kids as they make a family special. I said you will have to find a good women then, he said They will have to be like you mum, as you can deal lots of stuff at the same time, so he does love me although he doesn't show it.

I really love my son as he is so full of surprises
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How special is a moment like that u will never forget it I'm sure.<br />
I wish you continued happiness and many more special moments.

yes i will remember it forever, it was such a special moment

Ummm, my mum and I weren't touchy feely people cause that's how I was raised. When younger I hated my mum cause she didn't let me do as I pleased and at the age I was in high school id burn the house down to get acceptance from peers in high school.<br />
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Years passed and I received Jesus into my heart,was given mercy and shown love. God started revealing to me the condition of my heart and from friends points of view, God showed me how good I had life and the sacrifices my mum made for me.<br />
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One day while my mum was cooking I got up the courage to talk to my mum and with God's help I told mum everything and asked her forgiveness and she said yes.<br />
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God later helped me to tell mum I love her, which I express today. I almost lost my mum, but God restored and I am utterly grateful to still have my mum in my life.<br />
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Mums: teach your children INDEPENDENCE, responsibility, accountability...teach them how to love, respect, manners, DISCIPLINE, most importantly teach them about God, how to pray and read the bible and how to be intimate with God wwwdotcbndotcom. <br />
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God has kept us and has provided for us and protect us and moooore, I am deeply grateful for my mum for she has given and continues to give. Today, when I ask or share certain things she tells me to tell God, words of wisdom. I love my mum!!!<br />
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Greatest lesson you don't know what you have until you see for yourself. My appreciation comes when I see from another perspective what others have or how a friend is raised to hit their mum or speak dishonorably to their parent, then I know I am blessed to honor and respect my mum. Our dad instilled that in us as lads, the same I now do for my wife and daughter and that legacy will continue in Jesus name.<br />
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Be Encouraged Mums and THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for your words of encouragement, it means a lot to me.

I understand about our children no matter what age they are,some are late bloomers.<br />
They all have there feelings and sometimes its harder for some to show that they love us, My son is 40 years old and being his mother I might get that loving feeling from him once a year if I am lucky,but I still know he loves me.

Yes he can be loving, but rarely shows it

My son has all ways be full of surprises but no matter what he is my son and I will all ways protect and love him.

totally agree

Sweet thing to say .