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I will regret how long I have accepted things the way they were.
I will regret how I thought myself unlovable and undesirable.

I have changed my outlook on my life and will not regret it.
I have changed the way I look at myself and know that I can open my heart and let people in. I will no longer hide myself from friends, lovers and most of all myself.

Regret is a funny thing, you can learn from it or simply keep on regretting your misfortune and never change.

Food for thought.

gingerpie71 gingerpie71 36-40, F 5 Responses Mar 24, 2012

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Thanks for sharing this great story, I love your positivism.

Thanks sweets ..I try but there are those days.

This is a great story. Your confidence is showing through and that is so sexy. keep up the positives and have a lot of fun getting back into the swing.

Thanks I have gotten stronger and found myself again.

Opening the door to others can be scary... but not being willing to do so, so much worse. Good for you!

Thanks HN. Your are so right.. must be all that sun that has made you so insightful.

If I had only realized sooner that's all it took!! Jeezee.


This is awesome!! Words to live by and im going too!! Thanks for sharing it!

Thanks.. hope your better..