Changing Your Heart

I think "I Cant Change the Past But I Can Change My Future" is a really true statement because anybody who sets their mind to it can really make a change in their life for the better.

I also think that everybody is capable of changing and becoming better people.

For example, when I was quite a bit younger, I was kind of a mean person. I was very opinionated and annoying. I was selfish, bratty, self-centered, and overall, kind of a *****. I remember saying things to cousins and friends such inconsiderate and rude things that to this day, I still wince. And when I think of all of that, I remember the saying, "Hindsight is always in 20/20 vision." And the bad things was, I never realized how mean I was until years after it happened.

From that point on, I realized that even though I can't build a time machine and go back to take back the things I said and did, I could make an effort every day to try to be a better person. Just because you weren't nice long ago doesn't make you a bad person. It just means that you didn't keep in mind what's important back then.

Just because I was mean to people years ago doesn't mean that I give up on being nice and making amends with them. It means that I make sure in the future to treat them better and to make up with them.

TheSkunkLady TheSkunkLady
13-15, F
May 6, 2012