I dont blame people for decisions they cant take back. Ive lived a twisted life but now Ive regained control. I hear so many people complain and complain but if you're not willing to change your situation, dont complain. Im asking everybody whose reads this. If theres something in your life you dont like, your fault or not, if you can change it, do what I did and change it. Take control of your life, because its just that, your life. Not your friends, your parents or anyone elses. It your life. Yes, you maybe made some bad decisions, but so have I. But dont let your past mess with your future. You, now, have the ability to shape your own life, and your own future. Live it the way you want, its yours.
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Great message, well said! I have developed the same attitude & used to always dwell in the past. Life is too short to waste on things done wrong. My friend always tells me "if you were to put everyone's problems in a jar & had to pick one, you would probably pick your own because someone always has it worse than you." This sticks with me & no matter what bad things happen it is important to learn from it or move on. Good post! :)

Thanks!! Glad to know

Hey man, I feel pretty mess up and conflicted with my past cause I am like stuck in life or really depressed. I don't do much of anything compared to the past, its like I keep comparing myself when I was doing well but the moment I hit the wall, I have just stayed there and you were speaking of complaining, I am always complaining how it was like last time and you know what its true about time, I do something change it. Hope I am able to do it though, I can't keep going back, its about time to look for the future. Hope I did not bore you and thank you for your advice.

No no. You didnt bore me. Its good to see your looking for change. If you need help with something, message me. Im always willing to help