Steps To Improve My Future.

This mustn't register on an emotional level.

First: Search online job listings for the local area.

Second: Employ friend's help for finding better work.

Third: Undertake effort to stop smoking.

Fourth; Send out application.

Fifth: Become more active.

Sixth: Find new work with Jerry's help.

Seventh: Borrow money from parents.

Eight: Get back to school with said money.

Nineth: Get Master's degree in business management.

Tenth: Eventually, restart job hunt.

Eleventh: Pay back the money owned to parents.

Twelfth: Get kids.

In result: Changed jobs, got higher education, better salary, healthier lifestyle. Time until total implementation: 3 years. Chance of failiure: irrelevant. Capacity of being proud of myself: Reestablished.
Kletti Kletti
May 14, 2012