The Secret:the Law Of Attraction

I read a book a few years ago going through a hard time in my life and it was an amazing book that sold its inspiration by positivity and showing how u can get anything u want in life...THE SECRET BY RHONDA Byrne...when u watch it its amazing to see so many ways life connects....

It has many different speaker, authors, motivational speakers who became successful by living this way.

It went back to ancient times, showed how Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi<3, Albert Einstein, and so many more great leaders became strong by using the Law of attraction!

Sum it up-AMAZING BOOK that will get you thinking!

There's a 20 minute YouTube video on it, type in the secret in search box and it should come up! If you read it I hope you get as much enjoyment as I have!
Natalie123ariel Natalie123ariel
22-25, F
May 17, 2012