Men In Trees

I was walking my dog on a sunny, crisp Spring morning when I heard voices. No, not the ones in my head but men's voices, sometimes shouting, sometimes muffled. It was clearly a loud conversation rather than an argument. I could make out an ocassional word but couldn't get the gist of it. I also had no idea where these voices were coming from. They seemed to come from different directions. Adding a little more mystery, my small dog, who normally likes to intimidate anything that moves, was completely oblivious to the voices. Crossing the street and getting out from under a canopy of overgrown Chinese elms, it became clear what all the talk was about.

I could see an entire crew of power-line workers in the trees. When I say "in the trees" that's not quite accurate. They were more like among the trees. One was in the basket of a snorkel truck. You know the type of truck. The basket was on a very long extending arm that can take the person controlling it high into the air. Another was in the background standing on the balcony of an adjoining apartment building, but for all the world it looked like he was actually in the trees. Two more were on the ground uncoiling wires which I assumed would be fed to the higher-ups.

My dog briefly watched all this, became bored and began searching a nearby patch of grass for treasure. I was not bored. I was fascinated. Because before my eyes these guys were demonstrating instinctual connectivity. It was a team acting as one, a "ballet" of trust performed on a high-voltage stage. If one member of the team had a mis-step, it could be the last step for someone. I realize that they are very well trained and experienced in what they do, but that does not account for the seamless interaction between the crew members.

It didn't take them long to replace some of the aging lines that had become tangled with new tree growth. Soon they were all back on the ground talking in normal voices and taking a water break. I was a bit relieved as an onlooker to see the job done, to know that it had been accomplished without incident. They, on the other hand, appeared just as relaxed having finished as they did in the trees. I guess that's one reason I could never be a lineman.

Thinking back, what impresses me most is the unseen element that connected the crew. You might say it was training, skill or just good old fashioned teamwork. I would agree with you but I would add one more critical ingredient, a sixth sense. I doubt if a team member who did not possess that sense would be on the team for long. That would certainly be true for dangerous jobs or any mission-critical project. It points out what many of us have known or felt for most of our lives. We all have a sixth sense to one degree or another, and we also use what we have to one degree or another.

I have personally developed my ability to use my sixth sense by asking the Universe each day for guidance. I have learned that the Universe has answers. It offers insight. The response from the Universe might not be immediate, in fact it might take days, but as soon as I make my request I get a feel for direction. I get a sense of what I should do. It's sort of like a daily reset button to put you on the right track. If you do not already do so, I encourage you ask the Universe each day. Then during the day be open to responses. I trust you will find as I have that you, your sixth sense and the Universe are an unbeatable team.
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what a fab story, my respect to you................... and yes i will too start asking for a sense of direction and guidance from the universe. <br />
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Thanks for posting this - great stuff!

Bristow1 you're very kind! Thanks a lot. It has taken me most of my life to realize that everyday events are really the fabric of the Universe. And if we just take a deep breath and look around we will see it everywhere. Please visit our new website. I'd love to have your opinion! ( Thanks again.

Great story!! I too believe in surrendering to a higher power. It is enough, nothing else in life really matters in comparison. Thanks!

Thanks JohnandAnn! We'd love for you to visit our site when you have a chance (