I Really Need Your Help Guys...

hey I'm a 23 years old girl I'm really depressed it's all started when i finished high school i was a really talented student always gets the highest marks i got scholarship in a private school and i graduated high school with a very good grades i always been the good nerd girl always did what my parents want me to , when i finished school i wanted to be a journalist and i writer but i couldn't study what i wanted instead i got a scholarship at computer engineering and i had to study it because we didn't have the money to study what i wanted and my parents wanted me to study it, that thing made me really depressed and it turned me to a complete failure i just stopped studying i just couldn't i failed a lot of my classes almost lost my scholarship got into a really bad financial problems because i had to pay for the classes i failed and ad to that a big guilt feeling because no one knew what was going on with me i lied to my parents because it will break their heart and make them judge me as a failure i got really depressed problems were getting bigger and bigger i isolated myself from everyone my family my friends..i don't have close friends anymore i had a really awful relationship which ended up of him leaving me for another girl in front of everyone i know with days i got sadder and sadder things were getting worse i kept trying and failing but i just cant take it anymore I'm tired of everything my marks at uni is getting worse and worse I'm in danger of loosing my scholarship i hate my life I'm hiding everything from my parents...i just don't want to live anymore for the last 6 months all what I've been doing is sleeping and crying all day long...i got into a faze where i just can't take it anymore and i don't care what happened to me or my future i really wanted to quit school but i can't coz i need to pay a lot of money to quit it and i don't have any money also i need to get a large amount of money to continue my uni i don't know what to do i really wanna end all this thing i wanna feel okay again...i really wish every night that i will never wake up because i got tired from my life i keep having a lot of problems every time a problem is solved i got more and more i don't think I'm capable of killing myself but i really wish i was died it will be better for everyone....i don't know what to do
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Just do it. Just tell them.<br />
And it will be difficult, it will be really difficult i'm not going to lie to you. <br />
Tell them everything, every last detail. I know you feel really<br />
hopeless and helpless right now but your parent's could really<br />
honestly help you but only if you tell them.<br />
There is always some hope no matter how small the glimmer <br />
is and it is there but only if you tell your parents. They are the only<br />
ones who can help you and they will. Take a deep breath, no take<br />
a HUGE breath and do it. Just tell them everything. And take it<br />
a step at a time. Start by picking up the phone. Then dial. Then press<br />
ring. And it will probably take about a hundred tries but you will get it<br />
on the hundredth and one time. Just keep trying and remember there<br />
is always a glimmer of hope no matter how small and no one is really<br />
truly honestly helpless.

Hey, I think you should probably tell your parents what is happening because you need their support. If you are going ahead without telling your parents, you are going to end up in more trouble and with more guilt. You must talk to your parents as soon as possible, that is the best choice you have right now...and killing yourself will only give them more sorrow and they will blame themselves for the rest of their lives for not being able to understand the pain you were going through. <br />
<br />
I'm telling you this just because I had to go through the same thing 4 years ago when I started college...and I made my parents lose a lot of money. It was difficult like hell for me to tell them because I thought I was going to break their hearts and become a disappointment. But I did it anyway, and I am so glad I left that college and chose something I like now. I even have a job now to pay for everything. The earlier you clear things with your parents, the better! If you need someone to talk to, I'll be here...

you are right i should have told them but the problem that now is too late i can't quit uni or else i will pay alooot of money which my family don't have because i'm in a scholarship ... i will try to work things out and have some supportive people around me..thanks alot for your comment

I'm sure that you are smart enough to do the right thing. If you need someone to talk to, just inbox me.. Good luck..