Odoption Part 3

Well where do i begin, last Wednesday i sent 3 letters to the people, who could be be my birth mum, on Friday i got a letter back from one of them, saying that she is my birth mum, and would love to meet me, she has never forgot about me, and i wasn't a secret, like so many were in the 1960's.
I also found out that i have 2 sisters who also would love to meet me, which was lovely, they have always known about me, and that they have waited for this moment for ever just like me.
I am now on a different roller coaster of who i am and where i came from, and I'm not getting off. It's like a dream come true, although I'm a little scared.
Now for the first in my life I look in the mirror and know who I look like,and that for me is birthday and Christmas all coming at once.
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Yes, I realize this is a really odd question BUT, do you live in Minnesota?

no sorry , im in the uk

Why aren't we friends yet? we have 546 common experiences and we really need to chat. ;) would you add me please?

amazing to find them,you both are very lucky>>>> many people dream of this!

Amazing, very happy for you :)

thank you so much, the reunion is going well

thank you, yes i see that now