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Odoption Part 3

Well where do i begin, last Wednesday i sent 3 letters to the people, who could be be my birth mum, on Friday i got a letter back from one of them, saying that she is my birth mum, and would love to meet me, she has never forgot about me, and i wasn't a secret, like so many were in the 1960's.
I also found out that i have 2 sisters who also would love to meet me, which was lovely, they have always known about me, and that they have waited for this moment for ever just like me.
I am now on a different roller coaster of who i am and where i came from, and I'm not getting off. It's like a dream come true, although I'm a little scared.
Now for the first in my life I look in the mirror and know who I look like,and that for me is birthday and Christmas all coming at once.
rayofsunshine123 rayofsunshine123 41-45, F 6 Responses Jun 1, 2012

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Yes, I realize this is a really odd question BUT, do you live in Minnesota?

no sorry , im in the uk

Why aren't we friends yet? we have 546 common experiences and we really need to chat. ;) would you add me please?

amazing to find them,you both are very lucky>>>> many people dream of this!

I empathise with you dear young lady, from a slightly different angle, but I understand the need in you. I have two half sisters, only 3 months apart in age, but to me they are my sisters and I would never be without them. My mothers daughter is trying to find her family on her fatheres side, my mother died several years ago leaving her daughter in as near as you can get to an adoptive family. We all love her and her step dad (my father) loved her too. The point I want to make, in my long winded way is, you will always want to find your "real" family no matter what, but remember you are already loved and valued by the adoptive family. I wish you every luck my dear, and hope the journey is at least pleasent for you. If you want to talk please feel free, I'm a Yorkshireman so I may seem a little blunt, but I have a good heart,

Amazing, very happy for you :)

thank you so much, the reunion is going well

thank you, yes i see that now