thinkingalot has blocked me

no discussion,  no explanation

i see that as an aggressive act.

anyone else have a view on blocking without discussion or explanation??

from robbie,  with respect
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I guess thinkingalot didn't think to explain. I would love an explaination as to why I was blocked, but as far as I know, nobody blocked me yet.

I don't particularly see that as aggressive, it seems rather passive and benign to me. Had they said you're a no good so 'n' so or go jump in a lake or something similar and then blocked you...that would seem aggressive. Had they posted to all your friends something negative about you and blocked you...that too would qualify.<br />
<br />
You cannot be friends with everyone all the time and some people just won't like you for no particular reason. <br />
<br />
I wouldn't loose any sleep over it.

thank you for your reply. i don't expect to be friends with everyone... but if i inadvertently cause offence... i do at least expect to be told that... and given an opportunity to explain, maybe apologise. the lad finally explained i had done nothing wrong... he was just having an "off day".... and he no longer calls himself "thinkingalot"..... my respect to you and for you sharing your opinion with me, from robbie

I was happy to interject. See, as it turned out it was nothing at all. Mind you, the internet is too big a "place" to explain to everyone. Certainly were it a human interaction you'd be deserving of a reason, the the internet just just too large (in volume of people) to explain to everyone. Some people "block" others like myself, I just ignore people if they were to irritate me. "friend" as used here and on FB, is really a poor choice of words (but its great marketing), it would be better to refer to people who one has an occasional interaction/dialog with as a casual associate, the word "friend" has certain connotations which really do NOT pertain to the internet. Have a wonderful day, stay cool if you can (its somewhat toasty here)

He must have felt offended about something?..

No. He blocked him for no reason. People who do that sicken me....

Maybe!.. i do not know much about it..

Rude it is.Something to do with the way you grow up i think. Dont give up. Regards, ME

thank you...and hope your travels are fine. it is all sorted now, i wonder perhaps i hadn't realised that he is a young person and he had not realised the information his action might have communicated. maybe we have all learned something. respect, as always, from robbie

Yes i m home now, France was wet ! The young people have a lot to learn , and we can teach them we have the experience...So we keep communicate with the youngsters , keep us young too !!! With me that is have the best day ... Regards.

It has happened to me, it is pretty rude, especially if you have been nice to them.

ah! glad that i am not the only one that thinks it's rude. thank you for your reply. respect, from robbie

np :)

It happened to me too... you probably are like me .. I dont sugar coat anything... but I find that some people want you to blow smoke up their you know whats... or they want you to worship them... Im not into that whole drama , click so sand box if you ask me and rude. Their loss.